Pick right and enjoy the full ride

Telefolio Gold is a unique research service that focuses on taking away lot of worries in the investment process.

Gives list of scrips to buy from at prevailing market prices

Telefolio Gold always give you a list of scrips from varied sectors and marketcaps you can buy from and that too at prevailing market prices. You can choose from the list by looking at the real time potential upside, risk factors, investment term etc given for each scrip.

A detailed report explaining the logic behind recommendation and all the relevant data, analysis, updates, news and information are also readily available for each recommendation.

So now you need not worry about chasing one or few scrips, you have many good choices to buy at prevailing market prices.

Regular reviews

Telefolio Gold reviews its stand for each suggested scrip, its projections and targets at regular intervals. This keeps you updated about what to do with the scrips you have invested in. This is a key to maximize returns by holding on to well performing scrips and limiting the losses in those who fails to perform.

So now you need not worry about what to do with what you have invested in the face of results, new developments and market gyrations.

Focus on long-term

Telefolio Gold focuses your energies on investment for building a quality portfolio over a period of time for a longer term horizon. Longer term investment is the key to building wealth from equity. Confidence is the key to long-term investment and Telefolio Gold's focus is on increasing your confidence in what you have selected to invest. This is done by giving you a longer-term visibility and by regularly reconfirming that your companies are on right track (except where they are not).

So now you need not worry about short term investments and trading in the face of market gyrations and tax worries.

Capita Telefolio Gold is available at Rs 50,000 for a one-year subscription. Subscription rate is Rs 80,000 for two years and Rs 1,00,000 for three years.

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